The sponsorship system has helped in the torture of Egyptian !!!

30 أبريل

Doctors occupy the lion’s share in the number of

prisoners .. The sponsorship system has helped in torturing the Egyptians and foreign watches
Abdul Aziz Kamel was arrested and kept in solitary confinement in prison despite his wandering paralyzed and stroke
Egyptian doctor was dragged before the Grand Mosque in Mecca for his refusal to recruit shoe attack on an elderly pilgrim Egyptian authorities and fabricate a charge attack on 10 soldiers
The suffering of the Egyptians have Tabeptan: one was beaten and spit and disarm the veil of Saudi .. And a sponsor, “Zainab” Ruling will not return to Egypt
It accused the Egyptian doctor with ID harassing a girl of 36 years .. He was sentenced to 4 years, despite the recognition that the charge KDE
Open detention of human rights activist and lawyer Ahmed Djizoay, detained in Saudi Arabia a week ago, dozens of file Egyptians to similar incidents in the state of oil in recent years. He helped sponsor system followed in the Kingdom in increasing abuse the Egyptians, because the system makes it under his slaves, and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in turn, has not taken positions critical in most cases, preferring silence in most cases, and despite the many vigils in front of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia but all these sounds did not find it listens to her, there are dozens of Egyptian prisons Kingdom without any charge or offense, to be issued without any judicial rulings against them and without investigating them.
The world, including the issue of Dr. Azhari. Abdul-Aziz Mustafa Kamel, who was arrested Ha’ir prison despite his paralysis, stroke, and the condition is bad, but he has been in solitary confinement.
There Kstauy Mr. Nasser, a publisher known Egyptian, arrested so far in Saudi Arabia for up to five years without any specific charges and all that you know his family that he published a book before a judicial regular issuance of the license by the administrative body was arrested it.
Likewise, Engineer Abdullah Al Mamdouh Zaki Demerdash, detained since 3 years and a half in prison Dammam political, ie in mid-2008 .. He was arrested at the age of 25 years, six months after his marriage, news, and cut off from his family two years ago.
The detainees include Egyptians, Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Mamdouh Zaki Demerdash detained on 3 – imprisonment of General Intelligence in the Eastern Province, Mohammed Fathy Abdel Ati detained since 2003 at the age of 18, Khaled Mohamed Moussa Omar detainee jailed her father seven years ago, Joseph Ashmawi Joseph Ashmawi, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan.
There are also four of these detainees jailed Alzhban: Ali Abd al-Qader Abdullah Qadorh, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Helal, Mr. Mohamed Saeed, Mohamed Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Hefnawi, in addition to two other detainees, Mohammed Rizk Tarhouni, Mukhtar Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Aleem different prisons in the Kingdom.
The doctors so they had the lion’s share of the series imprisonment, deportation, and beating, crushing, and recent years have seen a number of cases of abuse, doctors Venkabh published two days ago, the names of seven doctors said they were being held in prisons without charges Kingdom and clear, and they d. Mohamed Ali Hamid, the detainee prison arrest two years ago, although the court acquitted him and ruled in his favor at the expense of his sponsor, but he has been incarcerated did not stop at that, but was assaulted by 6 of the men of the Kingdom’s security in the “Managing expatriates” in Makkah on his way to attend the trial.
The move to d. Hussein Abdel Ghani 4 years in prison without clarification from the complainant or his opponent in his right, and d. Abdul Wahab Abu al-Hasan and detainee prison in Jeddah Breiman since July 2008 without trial, and d. Walid Ebeid, Khadr is being held in prison, stems, and d. Islam Said Abdel-Fattah is being held in jail without trial, patio, and d. Abdul Hamid Mohamed Ahmed, Wed. Majid Hassan Marei Malaz prison custody.
Among the most prominent doctors who have been subjected to solitary prisons Kingdom Egyptian doctor Hafiz Abdel-Fattah, who was going to perform the Hajj last year, and the opinion of Saudi military assault on the pilgrims Egyptian elderly, and when he went to rid it of them attacked by the military with 10 of his colleagues as well as some Saudis, and beat him severely, and assaulted him with shoes, until he broke his ribs and nose, and a blood clot has to be pus.
Has been “kept” bleeding in the street for more than an hour to his ambulance to the hospital and on to the prison, where he was put iron chains on his feet 4 days, and remained in prison for 36 days until then obtained a patent after the conflict of testimony.
The Zeinab Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah, the Egyptian doctor, he refrained her sponsor to pay the salary and when he filed a report against him, I swear to divorce it will not return to Egypt, Zeinab and still waiting for the court to be able to leave the country by the laws of Saudi Arabia.
While the charge of Dr. Hussein Abdel Ghani, by an order with ID and Prevention of Vice harassing a girl at the age of 36, he was sentenced to 4 years, although he acknowledged that the indictment of the girl has KDE, and he does not know anything about the charge and dismissed the religious police disclose any details of the only girl her age.
In a similar case, the doctor over the imprisonment of Ali Islam Said Abdel-Fattah two months in prison, even now, after a tip from Saudi Arabia as a nurse Tlefonha stolen laptop. Despite the recognition of the nurse as I found only that “Islam” is still incarcerated in prisons Kingdom.
In fact, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, was an Egyptian doctor working Hospital, Abha special assault by beating and spitting and remove the veil from the Saudi man, after its attempts to break up a brawl between the patient Arabia with a nurses Saudis working with the same hospital refused to give the injection to the patient, I asked the doctor of one of the nurses to give him injection, but the patient’s brother, entered with her in the altercation, and Sabha and her verbally abusive and then jumped hit her hand and spat on her face and had to take off her veil.
On the other hand, published April 6 Youth Movement Democratic Front in Alexandria, Egypt the names of 27 detained in Saudi Arabia said they were locked up without trial Nnscherhm the following:
1 – Abdullah Mamdouh Zaki Demerdash – Dammam – since June 3, 2008
2 – Joseph Joseph Ashmawi – Abha – since August 24, 2008
3 – Ahmed Ahmed Mostafa ElBaradei – Abha – two years ago
4 – Khalid Mohammed Omar Musa – Abha – 7 years and a half
5 – Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan – Dammam – since 14/06/1430
6 – Mr. Nasser Shaaban Alkstaua – since June 3, 2006
7 – Mohamed Fathi Abdel Ati – since 20038 – Ali Abd al-Qader Abdullah Qadorh
9 – Mr. Mohammed Said – Alzhban
10 – Mohamed Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Hefnawi – Alzhban
11 – Mohamed Rizk Tarhouni
12 – Mukhtar Ahmed Mohammed Abdel-Alim – Abha – since 2003
13 – Mohamed Adel Abd al-Hadi
14 – Abdul Qadir on Garoma
15 – Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Hammad forbid – Dammam
16 – Hisham Ezz El Din Moustafa Alkiena
17 – Ramzi Ramadan, Hassan Fathi – Abha
18 – Hassan Anwar Hassan – Abha
19 – Hesham Saad Abdel-Kader al-Sayed – Dammam – two years
20 – Khalid Mahfouz, Mohammed Al-Ghazali – wandering – 3 and a half years
21 – Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Hamada
22 – Hisham Izz al-Din Mustafa
23 – Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Sadiq – Abha –
24 – Abbas Mohammed Shehata – Abha –
25 – Said Mr. Issa Awad – Qassim
26 – Abdul Rahman Mohamed Abdel-Fattah
27 – Mohamed Sabri al-Ghazali

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